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One upstate New York man's successful journey through life doing the only jobs he ever loved. Being a Radio personality,(with one long side trip through the Postal Service).

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

You never saw anyone get home as fast as I did. I think I kissed the ground too. Speaking of kissing, I called Cathy and said how about getting together and going over our wedding plans. That night I proposed and she accepted, with one condition. I suggested we move to California; since I had loved it so much before. She was fine with that idea, since she had never been west of Ohio.(sound familiar)! We had a little over 2 months to get everything together, but we actually pulled it off. The only hitch occurred when I tripped going up to the altar. It was August 1, 1970, and the good Lord gave us a day of sunshine to boot. My father packed our VW bus to the ceiling with all of our worldly possessions. We left 3 days later not knowing what we would find. The only problem we had was getting over the Rocky Mountains in a vehicle that only went 40 mph at top speed. I almost had to get out and push a few times. Naturally we had to stop in Las Vegas to look around and give the bus a chance to rest. After arriving in LA it took us about 3 days to find an apartment. But that's something you should know about California. People move like crazy. In the 4+ years we lived there, we moved 11 times before we found the right place. It must drive the Postal Service crazy.(actually, in 1970, it was still called the Post Office). Our first few months were very hectic. Cathy had gotten a job with an insurance company in a high rise on Wilshire Boulevard. I meanwhile had signed up at Los Angeles City College for their next session, which would begin in the Spring of 1971. Until then, I would find odd jobs to keep me busy. These jobs were unimportant however, and I found myself extremely happy when Winter ended. All I could think about was getting ready for college in a few weeks. The new year of 1971 had finally arrived. Then we were awakened by a knock at our apartment door at 4 a.m. It was the California Highway Patrol with a message that would change our lives forever. End of Chapter 5.


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