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Friday, May 27, 2005

Unfortunately, the military has this rule about no fraternization. There is no logic to it, so one of my best friends at Loring was a Captain Brown. We seemed to have the same interests on just about everything. Naturally, the other NCO's didn't like it, but I was young and really didn't care. About a month before I was due to ship out an airman arrived from Shemya AB in Alaska. The base is on an island in the Aleutians. Actually it is closer to Russia than the U.S. Their laundry is shipped out every 2 weeks. The gossip was someone had to go back and take his place(guess who!). I decided to play my trump card. I called the Captain and asked if he could help. He said if he did this I would have to accept whatever assignment came down. I agreed and spent the next 2 weeks wondering if I had done the right thing or not. Finally he called and said I was going to Southeast Asia. The sweat was pouring off me as I asked him if it was Nam. He said not to worry-I would be going to South Korea. After I thanked him I realized how wonderful it was to have a friend who would do this for me. I'm sure he took a big chance. Later I would thank him in person before I left. I went home to Rochester for 30 days before leaving for Korea. The lady friend I mentioned before from high school was still there and we became engaged before I left. Her name is Cathy and this August it'll be 35 wonderful years of wedded bliss. But more about her later. End of Chapter 3.


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