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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Over the last few months I have had many chances to think over a variety of things. It's ironic but when I was 20, 30, 40 and 50 I never once thought about getting old. Now as I slowly approach 60 I think about it all the time. Maybe I have too much time on my hands. As I look back on my life, I only have two regrets; and neither one of them could have been helped. The first concerns my childhood. Not that it wasn't a supreme joy growing up in the 50's in Webster, because it was. It truly was the age of innocence, which only ended with the assasination of JFK. Problem is, I had to do it alone. Being alone doesn't mean that you're lonely. But try and convince society of that. True, I had friends, but I usually had to go to their homes to play. I spent a lot of time alone, which is probably why I turned out so introverted later on. I was a breech birth and my Mother told me later that she couldn't have any other children. I always felt a void in my life by not having a brother or sister. My other regret came with the loss of my father. When one is an only child, your obvious hero is dad. We spent an awful lot of time together. My father was certainly no saint, but then whose is. As anyone can tell you, the loss of a loved one is the worst pain you will ever feel. I would now go through life with only one parent. I have lived in Florida for the last 20 years, and yet my heart will always be in my home town of Rochester. I live here for one reason only: the weather. After delivering the mail for ten years in the snow, I simply couldn't take it any more. Maybe I'm just a weak person, but I have always missed the fall colors and the drives our family would take through the mountains of the Finger Lakes. Except in Winter, it is truly a beautiful area to behold. I hope to get back there someday for one last time to see all of our friends and family. Unfortunately, we had to miss our East High class reunion in 2004, but we look forward with great expectation to our next one. The End. For Now.


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