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One upstate New York man's successful journey through life doing the only jobs he ever loved. Being a Radio personality,(with one long side trip through the Postal Service).

Location: Port Orange, Florida, United States

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

In 1987 I started hearing rumors about a new building that would be going up in Daytona Beach about a mile away from the Volusia Avenue Facility. I could only hope that they weren't true, but I knew better. Seems whenever things are going well, someone or something has to come along and mess things up. All of our work at the VAF was done by hand; but we got everything out everyday on time. This new building would be huge. Management, clerks, carriers and maintenance would all have their own separate areas. There would also be a gigantic dock to take care of the many trucks that would arrive 24 hours a day. It would open in 1990 and would have lots of machines to sort letters. Over time, manual work would slowly be phased out except for a few specific jobs. Luckily for me, I was able to get some of these jobs even though I was nowhere near the top of the seniority list. I knew I would hate this new building and I was right. The Union had run the VAF but now management made it quite clear to us whom would be running this new building. It would be called the Daytona Beach General Mail Facility. After a few months, I talked to a few co-workers about my feelings. They said that if you had come from a large facility, this new building wouldn't bother you. My problem was I had come from only small Post Offices in my career and was simply overwhelmed by my surroundings. I thought that given time, my feelings might change; but they never did. Right up until the day I retired on June 15th of 2002, I still hated that building. Funny about how a person can hate an inanimate object. I guess I was a person that just never liked change. I'm from the old school and knew without hesitation that I could never be a machine clerk. The last twelve years of my Postal career seemed to take ten times longer than the first twenty two. I may have hated the building, but I loved all my jobs and I made friends with many fine people over those years. So their was a silver lining to my story after all. I never got back into Radio during those final years in The Postal Service, but a few years before I retired I had a chance to host our Union Christmas Party and be D.J. End of Chapter 13.


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