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One upstate New York man's successful journey through life doing the only jobs he ever loved. Being a Radio personality,(with one long side trip through the Postal Service).

Location: Port Orange, Florida, United States

Thursday, May 19, 2005

For the next three years I loved working for the Post Office in Pittsford while living in Victor. Our family now consisted of five, and of course life was pretty hectic for us. I didn't really have time to think about Radio too much. Then in May of 1983 I heard about a new Radio Station that had opened on route 332 just across from the State Trooper barracks. I went there and talked to the Program Director as I filled out the application. I got the job without too much of a problem, but it would turn out to be nowhere near as exciting as WCGR had been. The music on WYLF was played on 10 inch tapes that had to be changed every six hours. The only announcing I would have would be to back-announce three songs after they had played, and do the news every hour. My hours on Sunday were 5 to 11 AM. But at least I was back in Radio. The best part of working here came four times a year when they brought a Big Band into town. I really enjoyed listening to them live and got a chance to meet many of the people that listened to the station everyday. Working at the Post Office was a little stressful even in those days, but at the Radio Station I could sit back and relax all my cares away. Plus, I finally got the five dollars per hour that I should have gotten three years earlier at WCGR. I would remain at this station for a very short time however. They went out of business in December of 1984. In the past six years I had been at two different stations, but only on-the-air for 48 months. Having to leave WYLF really hit me hard. I became very depressed afterwards, but not only about Radio. The previous year I had expressed certain feelings toward my wife concerning Winter. I probably wouldn't have minded snow so much if I didn't have to be out in it everyday as a carrier. That day we made two decisions. I would become a clerk(if a position was available), and we would discuss seriously moving to Florida. I knew I wanted to retire in Florida, I just didn't know when to transfer. My Postmaster said that a clerk position was available at that time. That took care of problem number one. That would keep me inside of the Post Office all day long and out of the bad weather. Cathy and I then laid out a map of Florida on the carpet in the living room and tried to decide where we would try and get a transfer to. After much discussion, we settled on the Daytona Beach area because at that time both my Mother and Grandmother lived there. We decided to put our plan into action after Christmas of 1984. After enjoying the holidays, I got on a plane for my first flight to talk to all of the major Postmasters in the Daytona area. During January and February of 1985 I flew to Daytona a total of three times. I had decided I would do whatever it took to get this transfer. I was spending a lot of money, but I knew it was worth it. Then I flew back to Rochester and waited. Finally in March came the great news. I had been accepted at the Daytona Beach Volusia Avenue Facility. Problem was, they only gave me two weeks to get there and start working. I arrived the middle of March, 1985. Cathy and the kids started packing the house in Victor and contacted a realtor to sell it. Everything seemed to be going great. Little did I realize the huge problems that lay just around the corner for all of us. End of Chapter 11.


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