Port Orange Jock

One upstate New York man's successful journey through life doing the only jobs he ever loved. Being a Radio personality,(with one long side trip through the Postal Service).

Location: Port Orange, Florida, United States

Sunday, May 22, 2005

After the birth of our daughter in the San Fernando Valley, things got a little more hectic for us but we still got along, at least temporarily. Turns out our daughter Dawn had certain allergies and had to have soymilk. Problem was the truckers that transported the milk from the factory to the supermarkets were all on strike and they said there was no end in sight. I was working at the Radio Station and at Getty Oil Company in their mailroom.(but not happy at all). It all came to a head one day when I came home to find my wife on the phone with her parents back east. She was in tears because her family wanted so badly to see their granddaughter. I misinterpreted this to mean that she wanted to go back to Rochester and was homesick for her family. I told her to start packing and I would take her and the baby to the airport. Two days later she was on the plane and I started driving back toward Rochester. It wouldn't be until months later that we realized that our decision to leave LA had been made with too much haste and not enough thought. I specifically took the southern route to stay in the sun. However, as soon as I hit the Ohio border, reality set in and the dreaded snow began to fall. I had been lucky enough not to see this stuff for four long years, but now the fun was over. End of Chapter 8.


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